Beversdorf Music Available

March 27, 2013

I promised, OH so long ago, to upload performances of music composed by Thomas Beversdorf.  Now I can say I’m actually doing it!  Check under the header MUSIC to see what’s available.  I have seven CDs of music to upload, so keep checking back.  Not all of Dad’s music is available, and I don’t have historic notes, performance dates, or even sometimes the year the pieces were composed, but his music is good and deserves to be heard.  I probably don’t have performers’ rights either, but I’m trusting that no one will get bent out of shape because they haven’t given permission for their performance to be heard.

THIS WILL NOT BE HERE LONG.  I’m looking into making pieces available through iTunes or other media.  That will be easier for others to find.  And I may be able to make CDs available for a small fee, to help pay the annual fees to keep this website alive.

Do enjoy now, download, and share with others.   I am also making inquiries to obtain PDFs of his compositions.  At present there is no reliable way to get printed music, as his publisher, Southern Music Company, has gone out of business.  The Indiana University Jacob’s School of Music Library has ALL his composed works in their archives.  The only trick is access–which Mom is still trying to broker at age 88.  Hopefully there will be a simpler way.


2 Responses to “Beversdorf Music Available”

  1. Bruce Gbur on February 15th, 2015 10:53 am


    There is a woodwind quintet by Beversdorf not listed on tyour website. I would dearly love to publish it and make it available to performers. I would need your (the family’s) permission to get a photocopy of the piece and eventually to publish. Would this be possible? I am a bassoonist myself and have always been jealous of the brass muisc composed by T. Beversdorf. I was very excited to learn of the existence of this quintet!


    Bruce Gbur

  2. admin on February 15th, 2015 11:38 am

    How wonderful to hear from you, Bruce. I am not home right now and don’t have my complete list of Dad’s music, but I think it would be wonderful for you to publish the woodwind quintet. I *think* my mother would be the one to give permission, but I don’t foresee a problem with that. The music is held at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music… the woodwind quintet is probably available only in hand-written manuscript, which may be beautiful or may be not-so-much. I think it would require engraving. If you are interested, I can contact the music librarian at Indiana. (I got pulled off-course before finishing the music listings on the Beversdorf site… Hopefully I’ll get back to it and add the listing for the Woodwind Quintet, tho I don’t have a recording of it.) Thank you so much for writing.

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