The Gantz Family of Victoria, Texas

(from records of Ruth Hudson Beversdorf Weed)


Heinrich Fred Gantz Born: Jan. 10, 1817 Died: Jan. 29, 1881 – Victoria County

Victoria Evergreen Cemetery

Married: Christina Sophya (Mueller or Von Sikes) – no further info

Four children: Mary Augusta, Henry, Rosalia “Rosa”, and Anna Louise


Mary Augusta Gantz Born: Mar. 24, 1855 Died: July 7, 1938

Married: August Beversdorff Born: Aug. 1, 1849 Died: Mar. 12, 1916

Six children: Augusta Laurie, Sophia Hattie, Henry Julius, Lillie Mae, August Cleveland and Minnie Christina

Mary and August were married on Aug. 9, 1874 in Victoria County, TX.


Heinrich “Henry” Gantz Born: unknown Died: unknown

Married: Lillie Stroud Born: unknown Died: unknown

One child: George Joe Stroud

Henry and Lillie are both buried in Comanche, TX. Their son George drowned in the Guadalupe River.


Rosalia “Rosa” Gantz Born: Jan. 9, 1853 Died: Jan. 30, 1881

Married: Frank Anton Ernst Born: Aug. 5, 1847 Died: June 5, 1930

Four children: Ida, Ella, Hermina “Minnie” and son Louis C. (1880 – 1930)

*After Rosa’s death, Frank Anton married Rosa’s sister Anna Louise (see next – below)


Anna Louise Gantz Born: Dec. 28, 1862 Died: Aug. 23, 1934

Married: Frank Anton Ernst Born: Aug. 5, 1847 Died: June 5, 1930

Eight children: Henry Frank (Oct. 6, 1881-1970), Henrietta (Dec. 19, 1883-?), Juliana C. (Aug. 24, 1886-?),

Lillie Matilda Sophie (Nov. 20, 1888-?), Briscoe Christian (May 17, 1891-1952), Leon Albert

(May 25, 1894-1956), Frank Herman (May 25, 1897-?) and Aline C. (Aug. 30, 1903-?)

Frank Herman was married to Grace Elizabeth Giddings who was born in 1898 and died in 1969. They had three children: Dorothy who was born Oct. 1922 married Joe Williams. Frank H. Jr. was born Oct. 2, 1928 and married Dorothy Wedemeier. Elouise was born Oct. 2, 1924 and was married to a man with the last name of Stanzel. They had one daughter named Peggy. She was born Oct. 29, 1953 who married a man with the last name Fetsch.

Aline C. was born Aug. 30, 1903 and married Joseph Streckfus. They had one daughter named Delores who had three children: Mike, Aline and Jim.