Here is a link to a nice performance of the first movement of the Beversdorf Tuba Sonata, performed by Barton Cummings. Click here

Here’s a YouTube link to an excerpt from Beversdorf’s Cathedral Music


Thanks to my brother, Thomas Beversdorf III who gathered all extant recordings of STB’s music, including old LPs and reel-to-reel tapes going back to the 1950′s, and digitally restored them, note by note, to eliminate warping, popping and scratches.  Most of the performers are faculty or graduate students at Indiana University’s renowned School of Music (now Jacob’s School of Music).

French Horn Sonata (“Christmas Sonata”) composed 1945. Performed by Thomas Beversdorf and Charles H. Webb.

Suite on Baroque Themes (1949) Karl Bates, clarinet; Leopold Teraspulsky, violincello; Joseph Rezits, piano

String Quartet #1 (1952) Berkshire Quartet

Three Songs on Poems by e e cummings (1955) Elizabeth Wrancher, soprano; Charles H. Webb, piano

Tuba Sonata (1956) performed by Robert LeBlanc, tuba; Myra Baker, piano.

Variations for Piano on Thomas Moore’s “A Pretty Maid”   Alfonso Montecino, piano.

Flute Sonata (1964) performed by James Pellerite, flute; Charles H. Webb, piano

Violin Sonata (1964) Joseph Gingold, violin and Charles H. Webb, piano

Violin Sonata (1964) Jacques Israelievitch, violin, Marilyn Thompson, piano

Cello Sonata (1967-69)   performed by Andor Toth, violincello; Marilyn Thompson, piano