Beversdorff Family of Luling, Texas

(from records of Ruth Hudson Beversdorf Weed)


Ludwig “Louis” Beversdorff Born: Aug. 9, 1814 in Southern Germany Died: April 15, 1891

Married: Fredericke (unkn last name) Born: Aug. 7, 1822 Died: May 10, 1895

Three children: August, Hulda, and Louis Jr.

Ludwig “Louis” Beversdorff and his wife Fredericke landed in old Indianola in 1851 or 1852 with two year old August and infant daughter Hulda. They later had a son named Louis Jr. Ludwig & Fredericke are buried in the Luling Cemetary.


August Beversdorff Born: Aug. 1, 1849 in Germany Died: March 12, 1916

Married: Mary Augusta Gantz Born: March 24, 1855 Died: July 7, 1938

Six children: Augusta Laurie, Sophya Hattie, Henry Julius, Lillie Mae, August Cleveland and Minnie Christina

August Beversdorff was born in Germany and his wife Mary was born in Victoria County. They got married in Victoria County on Aug. 9, 1874. He also raised his brother Louis’ children (see under Louis Jr.). The children were:

1. Augusta “Gusta” Laurie Beversdorff Born: Nov. 21, 1875 in Luling, TX Died: 1953

Married: George Victor French Born: Feb. 22, 1876 Died: 1954

Children: none

Augusta married George, the son of a local physician on Dec. 23, 1906.

2. Sophya Hattie Beversdorff Born: Aug. 12, 1878 in Luling, TX Died: 1981

Married: Robert J. Millican Born: Dec. 13, 1873 Died: 1954

Children: none

Sophya married Robert on June 10, 1900.

3. Henry Julius Beversdorff Born: July 30, 1880 in Luling, TX Died: 1941

Married: Martha Ann Huff Born: Aug. 4, 1889 Died: 1969

Three sons: Henry J. Jr., Lance A., and Frank Murl

Henry and Martha were joined in Holy Matrimony by her maternal grandfather, G.M.D. Thomasson. Their children were:

Henry “Hank” J. Jr was born: March 13, 1912 in Luling, TX and died in 1969.. On April 29, 1944 he married Mildred Rittenburg Baker who was born: Sept. 10, 1917. Her son from a previous marriage, Ronald J. Baker, was later adopted by Henry.

Ronald was born Nov. 9, 1937 and married Oida Anne Jumper who was born: Dec. 22, 1936. They had three children:

Douglas Reid Baker, born Sept. 29, 1961 in Omaha, NB

Lisa Ellen Baker, born Feb. 4, 1963 in Denver, CO

Laurie Jean Baker, Born April 15, 1965 in Jackson, MS.

Lance August “Addison” Beversdorff was born Oct. 22, 1914 in Luling, TX. He married Emma Florence Williams on Sept. 9, 1950 at the First Christian Church in Luling, TX. She was born Feb. 11, 1921. Lance died in 1978 and was buried in Hall Community Cemetery. They had two sons:

William “Billy” Henry was born Sept. 15, 1951

Lance “Lanny” Nils was born Nov. 24, 1952. He married Joyce Horborth won May 15, 1981. She was born: Oct. 16, 1954.


Frank Murl was born Dec. 1, 1917 in Luling, TX. On April 6, 1939 he married Vera Macy Allen who was born Jan, 1, 1920 in Satin, TX. They had one son:


4. Lillie Mae “Lyl” Beversdorff Born: March 18, 1882 in Luling, TX Died: Dec. 17, 1947

(never married- no children)

Lillie Mae lost her only serious suitor to an untimely death and never married. She was widely known as Luling School’s beloved first grade teacher “Miss Lyl”.

5. August Cleveland Beversdorff Born: March 4, 1885 Died: May 17, 1917

(never married – no children)

August was born in Luling, TX. He never married and suffered an early death.

6. Minnie Christina Beversdorff Born: Dec. 20, 1887 Died: 1977

Married: De Motte Day Born: Mar. 12, 1888 Died Aug. 18, 1968

Minnie was born in Luling, TX. She and her husband “Motte” were married June 14, 1919 and made their home first in Lockhart, TX. Later they lived in Austin, TX. Both are buried in Lockhart Cemetery. They had one daughter: Doris Marie

Doris Marie was born Jan. 25, 1920 in Lockhart, TX and was married on Oct. 4, 1941 to William Robert Clark. He was born July 27, 1920. . Doris died Feb. 10, 1958. Doris and William had two children:



Hulda Beversdorf Born: unknown Died: Nov. 19, 1888

Married: George Niemeyer Born: unknown

Hulda was born in Germany and arrived in the United States as a baby in arms. She grew up in the county of Victoria. Both she and her husband are believed to be buried in San Antonio. Katie Niemeyer, baby sister to George, died in May of 1889 and is buried in Luling, TX.


Louis Beversdorf Jr. Born: 1853 Died: 1893

Married: Ruth Mosley Born: unknown Died: Dec, 25, 1900

Three children: Samuel Thomas, Ella and Agnes

Louis was born in Victoria County. He is buried in San Antonio, TX. His wife Ruth is buried in the Old Dime Box area. When Louis died, his older brother, August, realizing the hardships faced by them, took his three children into his home to rear with his own until the mother was able to financially support them.  She took the children approximately 1898 and died in 1900, and after that her brother took the children in.. The children were:


1. Samuel Thomas Born: Feb. 14, 1888 Died: Sept. 10, 1959

Married: Estelle Miles Hamblen Born: June 12, 1894 Died: July 15, 1991

Three children: Samuel Thomas Jr. (Tommy), August Nathan (Buddy) and Louis Hamblen (Buster)

Sam and Estelle made their home in Yoakum, TX. He worked and retired from the U.S. Post Office. Estelle was a devoted housewife and mother. They are both buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Yoakum, TX. Their children were:

Samuel Thomas Jr. (Tom). was born Aug. 8, 1924 in Yoakum, TX. He married [redacted] on June 26, 1945. They made their home in Bloomington, IN and had five children .  He died in Bloomington on Feb. 15, 1981 He is buried at Valhalla Memory Gardens in Bloomington. He was an accomplished musician and composer, and was  Professor of Music at Indiana University.


August Nathan (Buddy) was born Feb. 16, 1926 in Yoakum, TX. He attended the University of Texas in Austin, TX and served in the Navy. His first wife was [redacted] married Aug. 27, 1948. Together they had four children: His second wife was Ruby Catherine (Cathy) Peoples who he married on ______________. She had children from a previous marriage. He died in Houston, TX on Nov. 15, 1993 and was buried in the family plot in Oak Grove Cemetery in Yoakum, TX. His second wife Cathy is also buried there.



Louis Hamblen (Buster) was born May 27, 1928 in Yoakum, TX. Buster never married nor had any children. A dog lover, he had many beloved pets over the years. He majored in art at the University of Texas in Austin, TX and served in the Army. He worked for many years with the Space Program at N.A.S.A in Houston and retired from there. Prior to his death from cancer, he suffered from poor circulation in his legs and ended up having both legs amputated. He died July 13, 2003 in Houston, TX and was buried in the family plot in Oak Grove Cemetery in Yoakum, TX.

2. Ella Born: Jun. 18, 1889 Died: 1969

Married: Jess P. Baker Born: 1893 Died: unknown

Two children: Pruitt and Jess P. Jr.

Ella married Jess on July 28, 1912. Her headstone shows the dates “1892-1969”, however, the family Bible shows that she was born in 1889. Ella’s family is buried in the Luling Cemetery . She had two children:

Pruitt born 1914 who died as a two year old in 1916.

J.P. Jr. who was born in 1918 and died in 1971 at the age of 53.

3. Agnes Born: Aug. 10, 1891 Died: unknown

Married: Alfred L. Stagner Born: Sep. 26, 1889 Died: Apr. 3, 1929

One son: Alfred L. Jr.

Agnes and Alfred had one son. She and her family are buried in the Luling Cemetery.

Alfred L. Jr., who was born on Dec 26, 1918. Their son married Georgia Lee and they adopted an infant girl named Jean Ann; they made their home in Corpus Christi, TX. Al Jr. was killed in a tragic auto accident in Corpus Christi on Sept. 4, 1956.




Joseph Clarey, close friend to the Beversdorff family died Dec. 13, 1890 and is buried in the family plot

Albert Krapf, cousin to Mary Gantz Beversdorff, is also buried there. Born 1854. Died 1934.